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Car front bumper

Car bumpers have protruding plastic or metal shrouds called bumper covers that surround energy-absorbing materials. They are intended to absorb front and rear impact and reduce low-speed collision damage.

In the U.S., passenger car bumpers must be able to withstand a five-mph impact from another vehicle while causing no damage to the vehicle’s body. Thus, it is necessary to equip your car with solid bumper covers.

We have a wide range of bumper covers for all makes and models. Get the best deals on used car bumpers only at Auto vehicle parts.

Huge Inventory of Used Car Bumpers

Front Bumper

Front Bumper

Car front bumper comes in four styles: grille guard front bumper, smooth steel front bumper, bullnose front bumper, and winch-ready front bumper parts.
Rear Bumper

Rear Bumper

Rear bumper parts enable you to personalize your rear truck bumper. Available for a wide range of vehicle makes, models, and customizations.
Bumper Moldings & Trim

Bumper Moldings & Trim

Adds detail or accents to a car's styling while also protecting it from minor damage like scrapes and dings.
Bumper Reinforcements

Bumper Reinforcements

Reduce the damage of a collision by reinforcing the front and rear of your vehicle with reinforcements for bumpers parts.
Car Side Bumper

When Should You Replace Car Bumpers?

Large dents, cracks, & holes, as well as broken hooks & fasteners, will actually require the replacement of your bumper. When a vehicle is in a collision, the damage is usually too severe to repair. If these damages are attempted to be repaired or left as is, they can cause even more issues for the rest of your vehicle. Whenever car side bumpers are hit in an accident, the hooks or fasteners that hold the bumper in place can sometimes be broken.

This immediately reduces structural integrity and necessitates the car bumper replacement. If you are unsure, you can always contact one of our technicians, who will be able to answer your questions by looking at pictures of the vehicle bumpers.


You’re most likely looking for large, high-performance, aftermarket car bumpers. These car bumper parts not only make a vehicle look intimidating, but they also do a great job of deflecting impacts. This makes them suitable for workhorse trucks or those that regularly experience off-road conditions.

Many aftermarket bumpers will also have pre-installed lighting spots. Buyers should, however, investigate what is available to ensure that it meets their requirements.

Heavy-duty bumpers are incredibly strong. They are large, and depending on the design, clearance issues may arise. As a result, tubular bumpers are popular. It adds front-end protection without significantly increasing clearance. Thus, you should check all aspects of your vehicle before buying an aftermarket car bumper.

Cost Of Bumper Replacement

A replacement costs between $500 and $1.5K on average. However, it all comes down to the type of car you drive, its age, the state you live in, as well as the mechanic/auto shop. A new bumper will cost between $1000 and $1700. However, aftermarket auto bumpers at Auto Vehicle Parts are cost-efficient and provide optimal performance, which is ideal for minimizing harm during a collision.

Again, the cost will vary greatly depending on the state, city, amount of labor required, and other factors. The average cost of installing & painting a bumper in 2022 is $230-600.

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Why Should You Choose Car Bumpers From Auto Vehicle Parts?

  • The car bumpers from Auto Vehicle Parts are tested for providing protection and minimizing the impacts of severe impact during collisions. We make sure that the product we provide works as efficiently as a new product.
  • Our fast delivery ensures that we deliver your parts in due time with no hassles.
  • Our pricing for used car bumpers is unbeatable in the market.
  • You can avail of used car parts for sale offer to get your auto parts at a minimal cost.
  • Auto Vehicle Parts has 24×7 customer support to resolve any queries for its customers.
Car Bumpers

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Frequently Asked Questions

The car bumper is molded body element that is usually made of plastic or fiberglass. 

Cracks in the bumper are one of the indications that a bumper is damaged and requires to be replaced rather than simply having dents removed. Other indications are broken bumper hooks and numerous dentations and/or deep scratches.

If your bumper has numerous scratches or chipped paint, you should consider replacing it rather than repairing it. If your bumper is gouged or scraped, it must be sanded down to the same level. It takes a lot of time. Thus replacement is a time and money-saving option.

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