8 Symptoms of a Loose Steering

Loose Steering

Steering is the part of the car that gives you control over the vehicle, and hence having it in the perfect condition is essential. Though sometimes you might face some problems with the steering, which you should get it checked immediately. But the first step is to identify the problem. To help you do so, we have brought you a list of symptoms of a loose steering wheel that you need to keep an eye on.

Failing motors

If you have a modern car, it is probably using a power steering system that uses a motor to aid the steering. Any problem with the motor might result in a loose steering system.

Problem in turning 

If you face any problem turning your car or handling the vehicle, this might be because of the loose steering system. The problem can be because of several reasons like leaking oil, among other things.

Loose Steering Problem in turning 
8 Symptoms of a Loose Steering

Steering wheel slips

If your steering wheel slips when turning your car, this might be an indication of loose steering, the problem can be identified by turning your steering to the extremes. This problem can be a result of worn-out steering belts or worn out rack mouths.


In case your steering wheel or any part of the car is making weird noises, it might be an indication of a failing steering system. The noise can be coming from loose or worn out belts connecting the motors.

Play in steering

If your steering wheel has got a lot of play, meaning it is a bit wobbly or moves freely, this might mean that the steering is getting a bit looser than usual.

Steering vibrates at extreme turns

The vibration of the steering wheel can be a consequence of a ton of issues, yet assuming it vibrates. At the same time, cornering is a direct result of low-pressure liquid in the power controlling framework. It is conceivable that the problem lies somewhere else, perhaps in the wheels or the suspension; however, it’s brilliant to have the vehicle looked at for all potential issues when the directing wheel begins vibrating.

Burning oil smell

There is a chance that the leaking oil from the steering system might reach the parts that heat up. Then the leaking oil must be the cause of the steering wheel.

Car moving to one side

If your car moves to one side while driving, the problem might be caused by loose steering. If you face such a problem, you should immediately get your vehicle checked by a mechanic.

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