The confusing routes and congested traffic of today nearly guarantee dented fender door. Your vehicle’s fender can clip to anything or someone, leaving a dent. While a few dings on the body panel are unproblematic, major dents or numerous small pits may destroy the fine curves of your fender.

You can bring your vehicle to a collision centre, but the cost and length of the repair will depend on the extent of the damage. This might be a problem, especially if you don’t currently have money set up for a new fender.

Thankfully, some dents are fixable without removing the body panel or taking your car to a body shop. To do them, you don’t even require specialist equipment or in-depth knowledge of vehicle maintenance. Continue reading to discover how to remove a dent from a car fender.

Ways to Remove Dented Fender Door

Here are some DIY hacks you can use to pop out dents on the fender due to which your car door won’t open. Follow the hacks to save up on huge repair costs.

Pulling out fender dents with suction cup

  • You should start with cleaning the fender to make sure that the suction cup gains a good grip.
  • Carefully position the cup and push the tool as far down as the dent is to make the grip.
  • Then pull dent out of metal fender with a strong move to make sure the damage is completely repaired.
  • For the best results, try having a brand new fender dent puller, as it will have a great grip.

NOTE: This method works well will concave and minor dents. Deeper dents are difficult to pull out with just a suction cup. Does your door squeak when opening and closing? Try taking professional help in case of major dents.

Using Boiling Hot Water To Repair Fender Dent

  • Start by pouring boiling hot water over and around the dent to make the surroundings soft and easy to work with.
  • When you feel that the area is heated enough and the dented fender door is soft enough to work with, then gently but firmly pop out the fender dent.
  • Let the body panel cool down and harden. Finally, let it cool down and harden so you can check if the dent is repaired.

NOTE: This technique may only be beneficial if you have a thermoplastic fender. Most fenders are made of thermoplastic, so if you have the same, you can try this DIY method.

Using Hot And Compressed Air To Repair Dented Fender Door

  • If your car door creaks when opening, it may be due to dented fender.
  • You’ll need a hairdryer or a heat gun to heat the body panel and a source of compressed air for cooling purposes.
  • To begin, blow hot air onto the damaged area.
  • As the fender warms up, it will get larger, and the dent will change size proportionately.
  • The heated fender should then be sprayed with compressed air to cool it down and shrink the body panel.
  • Along with the fender, the dents will get smaller.

Using Hot Glue And Wooden Dowels, Make Your Own Pulling Handles

  • Apply hot glue to the dent’s edges where you intend to pull.
  • After inserting a dowel in each location, allow the glue to dry and solidify.
  • Pull the dowels to move the dented part in the desired direction after they are firmly fastened to the fender.
  • Don’t pull at an angle on the dowel.
  • This will cause the temporary pulling handle to become loose from the glue, requiring you to start over.
  • After the dent has been repaired, pull the dowel out at an angle to remove it. Remove the softened adhesive by heating the glue with a hairdryer.

NOTE: You must have patience since this method will take a lot longer than the others. The good news is that it can remove dents reasonably well.

If the dents are large, we would suggest you contact the mechanic and get it fixed However you can also replace fender’s auto parts which will cost you a lot less.

Frequently Asked Questions On How To Repair Dented Fender Door

How much does it cost to repair a fender?

You should budget $50 to $150. Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) can save expenses if the paint is intact and if there are no fractures. You must then force out the dent from the rear of the bodily component.

What are the causes of fender benders?

Some of the causes of fender benders are as follows: A collision occurs when a driver abruptly stops and gets hit from behind. A motorist slams into the car, following them after backing out of a parking place. Accidentally hitting a moving or parked automobile is the result of a distracted driver.

What damage can a fender bender cause?

Drivers and passengers in either vehicle typically sustain only minor injuries in fender benders. Property damage, also known as damage to the cars, can be the only losses in the collision. The accident may cause one or both vehicles to sustain dents or scratches. Accidents involving fender-benders occur at low speeds.

Is it worth fixing the fender bender?

Allowing fender bender damage to go unrepaired lowers the value of your car and may even cause wear and tear that lowers the potential resale value even more.

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