Tail Light

Every vehicle has a tail light on the back that alerts drivers in front when the vehicle will be slowing down, stopping, turning, or reversing.

The tail light lens houses all of the lights, including the brake lights, turn signal indications, and frequently the reverse lights.

What is a tail light?

The housings or lenses house the light bulbs on the back of your vehicle.

The lens shields the bulb from both water damage and breaking. Additionally, the tail light lens makes sure the light emitted has the appropriate hue for the light’s intended use.

Some cars have a single tail light lens on each side, whereas others have two or three lenses per side that serve different roles.

Most frequently, the use of polycarbonate plastic to create tail lights led lenses that are watertight and is attached to the tail light housing.

With impact, the hard plastic is readily fractured. UV radiation and heat can cause the plastic to become clouded or discoloured, necessitating the replacement of the tail light lens.

symptoms of tail light replacement

Symptoms tail light replacement might be needed

The following are the symptoms that you might need a tail light replacement:

  • A cloudy or hazy appearance with reduced light from the tail light
  • The plastic that has cracked or broken
  • Moisture on the inside of the tail light bulb

How important is it to replace your tail light lens?

When your tail light lens is broken or discolored, having it replaced gives you the reassurance that other drivers can see where you intend to move your car.

Other drivers may not notice your indicators if your broken tail lights or the lights are difficult to see.

Your vehicle’s tail lamps (light fixtures at the back) switch on when your headlights do. This lets vehicles behind you see your automobile and keeps your car well-lit.

Your vehicle will be less visible from behind if your tail lamp bulbs cease operating, which is dangerous. Driving without lit tail lamps is likewise prohibited, and the fine for the infraction can be expensive.

procedure for replacement of tail lights

What is the procedure for the replacement of tail lights?

  • You can change the tail light lens of your vehicle. To reach the fasteners for the tail lights, the boot is opened, and the trim is taken off.
  • The original tail light is taken off and the retainer nuts or screws are removed.
  • The wire harness is unplugged.
  • The wiring is attached to the new tail light lens, which is then installed.
  • The trim is reinstalled, and the fasteners for the taillight lens are installed.

Tips to Remember

It might be necessary to move the light bulbs to the new tail light housing or lens.

Always ensure that the installation of the wire to fix a broken tail light cover is in the same manner. It was removed to avoid the possibility of the wrong lights turning on.

Tail Light Replacement Cost

The manufacturer and type of the vehicle are just a number of variables that affect the cost of replacing the taillight. 

The final tail light fixing cost may be a little bit greater if you choose expert vehicle repair services rather than doing it yourself for the taillight replacement to reduce tail light cost. Only the assembly must be there in the latter case.

Starting at $100 and going up to $750 and more, the cost to replace the taillight lens.

The price of replacement tail light lenses looks extravagant because some of them have LED tail lights or circuit boards.

Starting at $100 and going up to $750 and more, the cost to replace the taillight lens.

The price of replacement tail light lenses looks extravagant because some of them have LED tail lights or circuit boards.

Now that you’re aware of tail light replacement, Auto Vehicle Parts offers a comprehensive selection of high-quality aftermarket tail light parts for nearly all vehicle models – old and new – on our roads, including reliable used car parts


How much do tail lights cost to replace?

The cost of replacing a taillight lens ranges from $100 to $750 or more. Replacement tail light lenses appear to be exorbitantly priced because some have LED tail lights or circuit boards.

Is it simple to change out a tail light assembly?

Changing your tail light bulbs is a simple vehicle maintenance task. We always recommend reading your service manual before you begin, or if you have any questions about your specific vehicle.

How much does a tail light assembly cost to replace?

To replace one taillight assembly, a dealer may charge $75-$180 in labour plus the cost of the part. If you want a cheaper option, many auto parts stores sell aftermarket taillight assemblies, though the quality may not be as good as the OEM (original) part.

How do you fix a broken tail light?
  • You can change your vehicle’s tail light lens. The boot is opened and the trim is removed to gain access to the fasteners for the tail lights.
  • The original tail light is removed, as are the retainer nuts or screws.
  • The wire harness has been disconnected.
  • The wiring is then connected to the new tail light lens, which is installed.
  • The trim is replaced, and the taillight lens fasteners are installed.

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