Is Toyota Corolla Headlight Replacement Possible at Home?

toyota corolla headlight replacement

While driving your car, Safety is as important as excitement. Many of us think of safety purposes first. If there is a list of the most important car parts for your safety, then headlight assembly will take a vital place for sure. It helps us to see others amid a dark road or it lets others see us. If there is any obstacle in front of you then without headlights you will not get notified about that. And obviously, serious accidents can happen. For safety purposes, everyone considers headlights an irreplaceable part of their car. If you drive a Toyota Corolla, then with a faulty pair of headlamps, it will get riskier for you on the road. But, how can you do a Toyota Corolla headlight assembly replacement?

In this blog, we are going to dive into the process for the replacement.

Toyota Corolla Headlight Replacement Process

If you are having an issue with damaged or burnt out headlamps, if your Toyota Corolla’s headlights are not working, then you should consider replacing them instantly. For this step, you can either choose to go to a professional mechanic or you can do it yourself. But, in case you have determined to do it all yourself, then you should have a proper guidebook about how you can do a Toyota Corolla headlight replacement.

  • Park your car on a flat surface. Turn it off otherwise, electrical damage can happen.
  • Locate the hood opening handle and open the hood.
  • Search for the faulty bulb on the front or the side.
  • To take out the old bulb, you will have to rotate the assembly counter clockwise and then pull it straight back.
  • Lift the bulb holding the latch and pull it out. The bulb will come out easily from the assembly and the wires.
  • Put the new bulb inside the assembly.
  • put the assembly into its position again. Then rotate it clockwise to make it fit.
  • Pull the hood opening handle down and you are good to go with a new good condition headlamp.
  • If you want to do it on the other side also, you can follow the same steps.

By following these steps, you are done with the replacement process. Some little things may differ from model to model but the steps should be the same for this task.

Headlight Problems with Toyota Corolla

Now we know the replacement process for a faulty pair of headlights. But, what can be the evil for a headlight’s bad condition? Let’s discuss them.

Headlight Problems with Toyota Corolla
  • Burned-out bulbs: this is the most common evil for a headlight issue. Nowadays headlights are much brighter than you think. So you might not notice when one bulb gets burned out. You will only notice when both of them will get burned out and you will get no light for driving.
  • Bad-condition relay- whenever we turn on a switch, electricity completes a circuit to make it turn on. But in a car, when a user turns on a switch it sends an electrical signal to the relay and the relay covers the whole circuit. So if the relay gets into bad condition, headlight issues may occur.
  • The issue with the wiring: The wiring in your car is quite complicated. So if any of the wires gets into trouble, you may face an issue with your headlights. Apart from these things, the fuse of the bulb can be damaged. That can be another evil for the headache with your headlights.

Source of A Good Pair of Headlamps for Toyota Corolla

If you are having any issues with your headlight bulbs, if they are damaged or burnt out then you should replace them right away.

You can get a good pair of headlights from many sources like first, you can get it from any of your nearby auto part shops. Toyota Corolla is not a rare model so you can get the headlights easily. The second option is that you can get it from any other existing user. But you should keep in mind that whenever you are buying any used car parts, they should be in good condition. Lastly, you can get it from any trusted online website like Auto Vehicle Parts. It is a website that sells used car parts that are in almost new condition.

Now, what can you do with the aftermarket headlight? if you want to save some of your money and get your best output, then you can go for any aftermarket headlight. A buyer should research part on his own to get the information about the best aftermarket headlight assembly brand.

Cost for A Toyota Corolla Headlight Assembly Replacement

If a user wants to replace a particular bulb, he/she will have to pay less obviously. Well, the cost of the replacement depends on many factors like model, year, or manufacturer brand.

But on average, the cost for the replacement of Toyota Corolla headlights is between $70-$90. The parts of the headlight cost between $30-$45 and the rest are labor charges. It may vary from less to higher but the average is between these numbers.

Frequently Asked Questions about Toyota Corolla Headlight Replacement

Can I replace my own headlight assembly?

Replacing a headlight assembly is not a hard-to-do job. If any user has even a little bit of experience, then he/she can do this job very easily within a short period of time. But, if anyone does not have even a little experience, then this can create a mess.

How much time will it take to replace a headlight?

Replacing a headlight is a straightforward process. If it is assigned to good hands then it can take as short as 10 minutes to complete.

How much does it cost to replace an entire headlight assembly?

Well, it depends on various factors like brand, year or the manufacturer. But on average, the cost of replacement is between $70-$90. Labour charges may differ but the cost parts should be the same.

Should I replace both headlight assemblies?

Experts suggest that headlights should be changed in pairs. This practice assures the best safety for drivers and for the vehicle. If one is damaged, the other one can be in same condition too.


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