Many automobiles are equipped with “nuisance alarms.” These are loud, annoying screeching sounds intended to scare away automobile thieves, as the name implies (though they are often more useful for scaring car owners and irritating neighbors). To turn off your vehicle’s alarm, simply press the lock or alarm button on your keyfob. But what if your keyfob is broken, your battery is low, or you have a car with an alarm but no keyfob? Here are a few options for disabling a car alarm without using a keyfob. Hopefully, one of them will work.

Check your owner’s manual

Each car is unique. If your alarm goes off, the best place to look for instructions is in your owner’s manual (and to not break your car at the same time). We don’t know what your handbook says, but in an ideal world, it would be of use to you. You can’t find your owner’s manual? Many owner’s manuals are available online.

Lock your Doors

If you go into your car and lock your doors (if you have electric locks), the alert may be silenced.

Turn the Car on

It’s really stressful to try to turn the car on while the alarm is going off, but if your automobile allows you to turn the key, you may be able to silence the alarm and kill two birds with one stone.

Turn the ignition on and wait

If turning the key to the ON position doesn’t work, try turning it to the ACC position (where you can listen to the radio but the engine isn’t running). It could take a few minutes to complete the task.

Pull the fuse for the alarm

This step may be difficult if you aren’t extremely technically skilled, but it should work. Pulling the fuse that powers your alarm should bring it to a halt (Which fuse is it?). You should consult your owner’s handbook for more information.)

Pull the wires for your alarm

You might be able to find cables for the car alarm under your steering wheel if you or someone you know installed it (rather than having it come with the vehicle). We do not advocate taking this step unless you are confident in your abilities and are aware of which cables belong to your alarm and which regulate key vehicle components.

Disconnect the battery

Your automobile alarm is powered by the main battery or a backup battery in your vehicle. Disconnecting the battery can stop your alarm from going off, but only if nothing else works and you know how to safely remove a car battery. If your alarm keeps going off and you don’t know why, this could be a step to take at the dealership.

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