Your engine’s spark plugs should be clean and free of damage to the electrodes for optimal performance. Your engine’s performance may be affected if your spark plugs become filthy or fouled. A fouled or faulty spark plug is one that has become covered in a substance such as oil, petrol, or carbon, or one that has blistered due to excessive heat. Driving with clogged or damaged spark plugs might result in a slew of issues for your engine. The following are some of the signs and symptoms of faulty spark plugs:

Reduced Gas Mileage

Visiting the petrol station more frequently? Spark plugs that are filthy or clogged might cause a dramatic decline in fuel economy. If your spark plugs aren’t working properly, your gas mileage will suffer.

Lack of Acceleration

Bad spark plugs could be to blame if your vehicle has lost its oomph. When a spark plug becomes clogged or unclean, it loses its ability to ignite effectively, causing your automobile to run slowly.

Hard Starts

Are you having difficulties starting your car? While your initial instinct could be a dead battery or an empty petrol tank, it’s possible that defective spark plugs are to blame. You won’t be able to start the combustion process if your spark plugs can’t produce a spark.

Engine Misfires

Faulty spark plugs can cause an engine to hesitate or misfire instead of running smoothly. If the combustion process is halted, even for a brief while, your engine’s performance will decrease.

Rough Idling

Your engine will sound smooth and steady when your spark plugs are working properly. Your engine will sound harsh when idling if it has a fouled spark plug. You may also notice that the vehicle is trembling.

If your car is exhibiting any of these symptoms, it’s time to visit your trusted technician. The majority of problems caused by a defective spark plug are simple to repair. Continuing to drive with fouled or dirty spark plugs, on the other hand, might lead to more significant and costly problems.

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