Raptor Bed Liner is a  protective coating and bed liner that can be applied to a variety of substrates ranging from steel, wood, concrete, and plaster to plastics and composites and is resistant to standard fuels, U.V., scratches, and stains.

Raptor Bed Liner began as a coating for pickup truck bed lines. The “do it yourself” kit has been around for a decade, but its applications have recently expanded to include a wide range of activities.

What is Raptor Bed Liner?

Raptor liner is a tough paint-on protective coating with a variety of applications. It forms a barrier that is resistant to all types of weather and physical abuse and is available in a complete kit.

Once applied, it dries into an ultra-hard coating that can protect bare metal from chips.

The look and feel distinguish them from competitors. The first generation of this bed liner protective coating was molded plastic that was placed inside your box.

Raptors’ unique chemical formula allows them to bond the material with a variety of dyes and pigments, allowing you to match the colour of your vehicle’s paint. We’ve even seen raptor liner used to cover and sheet a shop floor to create an extremely tough surface.

There are numerous other applications, including most surfaces that need to be protected from wear and tear. Just keep in mind that the coating produces some rougher textures, but this is only to help protect against weather, high and low temperatures, and all other elements.

fratures of Raptor bed liner

Features of Raptor Bed Liner


It is possible to tint it to match the desired color. Black is also available.


Gives a surface that is resistant to stains and mechanical damage. Rust and corrosion resistance.


Provides excellent fade resistance.


Gives a water-resistant finish that keeps moisture out and dusts at bay.


Resistant to gasoline, hydraulic oils, animal urine, salt water, and other chemicals.


Fill, shake, and shoot. Excellent adhesion on a variety of substrates. It is possible to use a Schutz gun, an HVLP gun, a roller, or a brush to apply it.

How to apply the Raptor Liner

  • Take a bed liner material bottle with you. (raptor bed liner spray can)
  • Fill the bottle halfway with the hardener and shake it vigorously.
  • Spray the required surface with this mixture (applicator gun sold separately below)

Use an even sweeping motion to achieve the desired texture. To achieve different textures and effects, roll or brush the bed liner. A coat of wax is not required after application.

Raptor Spray-On Bed Liner Kit includes:

  • four 750 mL (25 oz) bed liner base bottles
  • 1L hardener
  • Manual of instructions

One kit’s contents can cover a standard eight-foot truck bed or a 125-square-foot area. We recommend using a tint kit to apply the bed liner to match the color of your vehicle.

Raptor Liner is an excellent choice for touching up your truck bed liner. It is easy to apply and dry, and it produces a sealant that is both waterproof and scratch-resistant. Raptor Liner can also protect other metal vehicle surfaces. However, before using it, make sure to practice layering uniformly.

U-Pol Raptor Urethane Spray-On Truck Bed Liner & Texture Coating

Kit includes four 750ml bottles. Tintable Truck Bed Liner Base bottles 1L U-POL Raptor Standard Hardener 4 – 3 oz. bottle of BLACK METALLIC tint Includes a free application gun worth $30.00. 3:3 Mixing Ratio Truck Bed Liner Base: U-POL Raptor Standard Hardener TINTABLE U-POL Raptor LINER U-POL Raptor Bed Liner & Texture Coating is a 2.1 VOC 2K protective urethane coating designed for use on truck beds, wood, concrete, metal, aluminium, fiberglass, and most OE manufacturer’s finishes. U-POL Raptor is simple to use. It is resistant to rust and corrosion and provides excellent UV protection. U-POL Raptor can be used with a Schutz gun. Simply add hardener, shake, and spray. It can also be rolled or brushed on. Durable two-part urethane coating.

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Is Raptor bed liner any good?

Absolutely! It’s extremely long-lasting, simple to apply, and reasonably priced. If you use it for what it was designed for (most commonly, bedliner coating), this is without a doubt one of the best bed liners on the market.

Is it necessary to prime before applying Raptor liner?

Unless you sand down to bare metal, there is no need to prime again. Remember, if it’s been more than 5 hours since the last coat of RAPTOR was applied, let it cure for 24 hours before lightly scuffing and applying another coat (s).

How should a raptor liner be cleaned?

The surface should be cleaned with wax and grease degreasing equipment, and polishing it with a bright color is the best option. RAPTOR should only be used after the surface has been thoroughly cleaned.

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