What is an average BMW Engine replacement cost?

BMW Engine replacement cost

In the luxury automotive industry, BMW has always reserved a good position for itself. Does not matter if it is the base variant or a high-end. BMW gives you top-notch comfort and urges to ride. We all are familiar with the power of a BMW engine. The very moment when you press the accelerator in a BMW, you experience a rush of emotions and power for your ride. But, if any issue happens with a BMW engine and you need to replace it, then it can be a big expense to your pocket. So, on average, what is the BMW engine replacement cost?

In this blog, we are going to talk about the engine replacement costs of different BMW models and an overview of this query.

An Overview of BMW Engine Replacement Cost

We should always remember that BMW has different models that cost different. So, the engine replacement cost varies according to the models. Let’s talk about some famous models and their engine replacement costs.

BMW X5 Engine Replacement Cost

BMW 5 series is well known for the luxurious experience that it provides to the users. BMW X5 is a fabulous car that is well-known for its engine. But when the engine goes wrong, you may have to pay a good amount from your pocket. A new BMW X5 engine will cost you around $4000 -$5000. If you want to buy a used BMW engine that is in good condition, it may cost around $3000.

The labor can take up to 10 to 20 hours, and it will cost you around $700-$2000. Overall, if any user wants to do an engine replacement for your X5, the overall replacement cost including the labour can go up to $4000-$7000.

There are some very common problems with the X5 engine. Many parts like spark plugs, alternators, and ignition coils. How much do they cost separately?

  • Spark plugs: 2008 X5 has bigger considerable problems with spark plugs. BMW X5 spark plugs replacement cost is around $200-$340. While the labor cost is between $20-$100 for each plug.
  • Catalytic Converter: 2011 BMW X5 has a mostly known catalytic converter problem. If your engine’s system backpressure is not functioning properly, you may replace the catalytic converter with an average price of $950-$2500. BMW X5 catalytic converter replacement cost is very high.
  • Alternator: if your BMW alternator is creating problems, you may have to spend a big amount from your pocket. BMW X5 alternator replacement cost can be around $1300-$1500. Parts cost between $900-$1000, and labor costs are between $350-$450.

BMW 335i Engine Replacement Cost

BMW E92 coupe uses an N55 engine. This gives power to the beast and provides the best experience for a ride. BMW engine replacement cost is obviously very high but worth it.

BMW 335i Engine Replacement Cost

A new N55 engine costs $4500. While if you want to go with a used one, you can save a lot of your money. It will cost you around $3000-$3500. The additional labor charges will be added to this amount. The labor charges are normally between $1500- $2000. So overall, you may have to spend $6000 for a new BMW engine.

While the new N63 engines are fit for the models between 2009-2017. BMW N63 engine replacement cost is also somewhere around $6000, including all labor charges and parts.

BMW 328i Engine Replacement Cost

A new engine for the BMW 328i is priced at $7000-$8000. If you have this vehicle, then you know that this is a workhorse with its peepy and sporty engine.

Well, this is the price for a new engine, but if you are ready for a used engine, then the price will be a lot less, costing you between $5000-$6000. It completely depends on how many miles the engine has run or if it comes with a warranty or not.

This is not only applicable for this specific model, but also BMW 3 series engine replacement cost falls under this amount.

BMW 528i Engine Replacement Cost

BMW 5 series engine replacement cost is pretty high, and these engines are made to be maintained properly because of their work efficiency and performance.

BMW 5 series uses the M-20 6-cylinder engine. A new engine for the BMW 528i stands somewhere around $7500.

While the labor charges cost you around $200 on an hourly basis. So, you can take the average amount for like $10000 or higher.

BMW Engine Rebuild and Repair Cost

BMW engine rebuild or repair cost is pretty high as this brand comes under the luxury segment cars. BMW provides the best experience to its users via the best quality parts and features.

The average price of a BMW engine rebuild is around $2500-$4000. The labor charges are high for the brand, and the quality parts are best. That is why it demands a high amount.

In the end, we can say BMW engine replacement is a pricey activity that your car needs when something goes wrong with the engine. BMW engines face many problems like spark plugs, alternators, or ignition coils. As Different models have different engine problems, hence the replacement cost varies with models and year.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to replace a BMW engine?

As BMW falls under the luxury segment, the engine replacement cost comes between $4000-$5000 on average. Some additional labor charges may get added to your bills.

Can you replace a BMW engine?

Yes, you can obviously replace a BMW engine. But it depends on the severity of the engine. If the problem can be repaired, then you should repair it or rebuild it. But if it cannot be repaired, then you should consider replacing it.

How much does it cost to fix a blown BMW engine?

A blower motor replacement in a BMW will cost you somewhere around $450-$500. Labor costs should be between $150-$200. In this amount, taxes are not added to your bills. So including all taxes, this can go higher.

How long do BMW engines usually last?

BMW engines are made to last long and perform like a beast. Generally, the engines last 200000 miles or even 250000 miles. But, for the best performance, you should maintain your engine’s health properly.

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