Cardone CV Axle Assembly – 66-5444 – Specifications and Features


We all know how essential axle assembly is. Even though they are an essential part, axles are sometimes ignored. An axle is a rod or shaft that joins a set of wheels so that they can move forward and keep their alignment with each other. In a car, the engine presses against the axle, spinning it and moving the vehicle forward. In other words, axles transfer the engine’s force to the wheels. There are numerous axle assemblies in the market but if you are looking for an axle for your Toyota or Scion, then check out the Cardone CV axle assembly – 66-5444.

Get Going with Cardone CV Axle Assembly – 66-5444

Cardone is a top producer of automobile parts from brakes, fuel/air systems, drivetrain, and steering to axle assembly. They all are reliable and long-lasting. Cardone and its expert team have brought high-caliber CV axle assembly – 66-5444 on the market. The company guarantees the dependable performance of the following axle. They will surely serve you for many upcoming years because they are made with the best materials and have a high level of wear and tear resistance.

You may be aware of the axle, but what does the term “CV” stand for in axle assembly? Simply CV stands for Constant Velocity shafts or axles. They give bearings a range of motion and enable the transmission to drive a car’s wheels. The bearings and rubber boots that make up the CV axle are subject to deterioration over time.

A CV Axle functions by sending engine power to the wheels while being unaffected by tie rods pressing the wheel and altering its geometry and suspension modulations. Two joints—the inboard and the outboard joint—make up a CV axle. Ball bearings are located between the inner and outer housings of an outboard joint. The bearings can glide along machined grooves or tracks. This structure enables flexibility while in use. The input and output speeds are constant, irrespective of the operational angle of the joint. Thus, proving why, it is known as the constant velocity joint.

Cardone CV Axle Assembly

Product Specification – CV Axle Assembly – 66-5444

Cardone has researched extensively to understand the reasons behind the failure of the previous CV axles. The new CV axle by Cardone is a better version than its predecessors.  All CV Drive Axle shafts are inspected and tested, particularly for vibration-free performance at all speeds. Here are the specifications of the CV Axle Assembly – 66-5444.

Part TypeCV Axle Assembly
Weight16.75 lb
ABS Ring IncludedNo
Axle Nut Locking TypeStake
Compressed Length – Imperial25.197 inches
Input Shaft Connection StyleSplined
Output Shaft Connection StyleSplined
Input Shaft Spline Quantity24
Output Shaft Spline Quantity30
Spindle Nut IncludedYes

The product is suitable for cars:

  • Scion tC (2014-2016)
  • Toyota RAV4 (2013-2018)

Features of CV Axle – 66-5444

If you want to operate your car, the axle is one of those components that must function properly. Your car cannot move if one of its axles fails. Cardone understands the importance of this engineering component and has produced the CV Axle Assembly – 66-5444. The features of the axle assembly are:

  • Boots made of 100% neoprene are built with extra bellows to withstand bellow stress and ozone cracking.
  • Moreover, the pneumatic crimping of boot clamps perfectly seals the boot and housing.
  • CV Drive Axles with an “HD” suffix uses a thermoplastic outboard boot for longer life and durability. They are better fit for extreme applications. 
  • High-quality grease can handle high temperature, and high torque demands to provide durable, dependable operation.
  • Precision rolling of the splines ensures the correct fit of the axle into the joint and Car transmission, hence reducing installation difficulties.
  • During the process of installation of the axle nuts, precision-rolled threads ensure a good fit.
  • After heat treatment, the transmission seal’s diameter is precisely machined to ensure proper surface smoothness and long seal life.
  • Also, all CV axles are guaranteed to meet or exceed O.E. form, fit, and function.

Types of Axles in Vehicles

A car typically has two different types of axles. One is the “Dead Axle,” which is there in an automobile to support the weight but is stationary relative to the wheels. The second is the Live Axle, which attaches to the wheel and drives it. Thus, a seamless power transfer from the axle to the wheels is made possible by the constant velocity (CV) connection that joins the wheel and the live axle.

Front Axle

Front axles are, as the name suggests, found at the front of your vehicle. It can be live or dead, depending on the manufacturer. In your car, the front axle is in charge of supporting the weight and aiding in hard steering. It has an elliptical shape at the ends and an I-section in the middle. The front axle also carries the bending loads. Additionally, it absorbs torque when you apply the brakes, and on occasion, it also transmits torque to drive the wheels. Moreover, it makes shock absorption easier.

Rear Axle

As you might have guessed, the rear of your car is where the rear axles are. The majority of rear axles are live, which means they are in charge of transferring power to the wheels that are being driven. Therefore, to transfer power from the differential to the driving wheels, a rear axle is positioned between them.

Stub Axle

In a vehicle with rear-wheel drive, a stub axle is one of the two front axles that support one wheel. The axle can only rotate a finite amount around the kingpin to move the vehicle. However, it can go across uneven terrain without disturbing its load. Each tire and wheel assembly can move freely, which functions similarly to an independent suspension in a sports vehicle. It significantly enhances braking and cornering qualities, especially on slick roads.

If you realize your vehicle needs axle replacement, then you should immediately check out Auto vehicle parts. We have tested and verified stock of Cardion CV Axle Assembly – 66-5444.

Frequently Asked Questions

CV axle assembly – 66-5444 is compatible with which cars?

Cardone has mentioned that the CV 66-5444 axle is compatible with models
➢Toyota RAV4 (2013-2018)
➢Scion tC (2014-2016)

What is the weight of the CV Axle 66-5444?

The weight of the CV 66-5444 is 16.75 lbs. It is comparatively lesser in weight than other axles on the market.

What does a CV axle do?

A CV axle is a shaft usually fitted on the front side of the vehicle and runs to each wheel from the front differential. In the case of the wheels of a 4WD, it helps in sideways movement and also moves up and down.

What is the specialty of CV Axle 66-5444 HD?

CV Axles with the suffix “HD” include a thermoplastic outboard boot for increased lifespan and endurance. They are suitable for rough and extreme driving conditions.

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