5 Reasons Why Your Car Steering is Hard to Turn

Car Steering

When you have been driving your car for a long time, there are many problems that might surface. One of these problems is that your car steering might become hard to turn. 

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This problem comes out as a very serious problem because steering gave you control, and jammed steering might cause you to lose control.

Few things are more concerning than being unable to turn the steering wheel. So, if you’re having this issue, you’ll want to get it resolved as soon as possible.

Why Is Your Car Steering Hard To Turn?

  • What causes steering wheel to be hard to turn ?
  • Why does my steering wheel feel tight when I turn?
  • What can cause heavy or difficult steering?


Driving with a faulty steering system that is hard to turn can be fatal. You can identify the problem by trying to turn your car at slow speeds. If the steering is hard to turn, you need to get it fixed as soon as possible. Here we have mentioned the causes of a steering wheel that’s hard to turn.

Damaged Serpentine Belt

A common reason for a stiff steering wheel is the serpentine belt cracking or snapping. When the belt begins to wear out and become slack, the wheel starts to show signs of stiffness. Repair or replace the belt as quickly as feasible; otherwise, the belt may break, rendering the steering wheel useless.

Thick Power Steering Fluid

Power steering fluid, like all other types of fluid in a car, can degrade over time. It has the potential to become excessively thick or lose its lubricating ability. When it comes to changing your power steering fluid, you should stick to the manufacturer’s recommendations. At low speeds, the thickening of the liquid makes it difficult to turn the steering wheel. The only way to fix it is to wash out the old fluid and replace it with new.

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Low Power Steering Fluid

A shortage of power steering fluid in the system is the most prevalent cause of a stiff steering wheel. If there is fluid leaking from the pressured hose area, this problem can occur. For the time being, filling the power steering tank with liquid will solve the problem, but the leak must be addressed.

Defective Steering Rack

Your car’s steering rack is destroyed as a result of severe temperatures and road debris. Inner bushings that have been damaged can cause the system to leak. The leak is then accumulated by dirt, causing the steering rack 

why your car steering is hard to trun 
 & how do you fix hard steering wheel

How do you fix a hard steering wheel?

We investigated the causes of stiff steering. Let us now discuss how to repair a stiff steering wheel. We’ll look at several ways to fix the hard steering wheel because there are several causes.

  • Check and record tire pressure.
  • Examine the power steering fluid
  • The power steering rack and pump should be checked.
  • Examine the front suspension components.
  • Check the condition of your drive belt.

Check and gauge tire air pressure: If turning your wheels when parked or performing other low-speed manoeuvres becomes difficult, you may have a deflated tire. Examine the air pressure in your tires. You must keep your tire pressure at the recommended PSI for your vehicle and tire size. You don’t need deflated tires that cause difficult steering.

Examine your power steering fluid: Examine the surface for dirt and grime. If you discover grime and dirt in the reservoir, perform a power steering flush and refill the fluid. A steering flush should cost between $50 and $120, and it is a simple service that you can perform yourself.

Examine the power steering Rack and pump:   In addition to the power steering flush, the power steering pump and rack must be inspected. Check for leaks and cracks that could cause the steering to be stiff. Examine the high-pressure hose that connects the steering pump and rack in particular. Any cracked hoses or components should be replaced.

Check front-end suspension components: Another cause of stiff steering could be faulty front-end suspension components. A faulty ball joint or a damaged wheel bearing and tie rod can cause damage and impair vehicle handling. When you have a stiff steering wheel, you should inspect this component. As evidence, noise from the front wheels will accompany the stiff steering.

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