How to Fix Fender Rust? – A Detailed Guide


Fenders are common nowadays. It serves both the purpose of safety and aesthetics. Car enthusiasts use fender auto body parts to customise the vehicle’s appearance. It also gives your car protection against road debris and mud. However, just like other auto body parts of metals or metal coatings, fenders also face rust problems. Fender rust is a common problem. Rust on fenders usually arises when you drive your vehicle through marshy and cold areas where excessive salt is present.

In the following, we will walk you through the steps which will help you to fix the fender rust.

Step By Step Process to Repair Fender Rust

Follow these easy steps to stop the fender rust.

  • Clean the area that has to be repaired first with soap and water.
  • After that, use a soft cloth to apply grease and wax remover.
  • Chalk out the area of repair with the 1″ blue painter’s tape.
  • Use 180-grit sandpaper to remove all traces of rust and reveal shiny, naked metal by sanding the corroded region.
  • Prepare the body filler as per the manual.
  • To the repair area, apply a little layer of the blended body filler. Move swiftly since the body filler will start to harden.
  • Permit the body filler to dry.
  • After drying, smooth the body filler with 80-grit sandpaper.
  • To eliminate significant scratches from the 80-grit sandpaper, use 180-grit sandpaper and 800-grit sandpaper.
  • Rinse the area and give it time to air dry. Prepare it for the application of sandable primer.
  • Apply the primer in three thin layers, waiting a few minutes between each coat.
  • Use 800 grit sandpaper lightly to sand the primer to make the surface smooth.
  • With a delicate cloth, apply the wax and grease remover to the affected area and let it air dry entirely.
  • Once the primer is completely covered and no primer is visible, apply the colour-match paint in three thin layers.
  • Be careful to give yourself enough time between applications while you apply the clear coat in three thin coats.
  • Use 3000-grit sandpaper to smooth the clearcoat.
  • Apply the polishing chemical.
  • At last, to fix the fender rust, apply a coat of your preferred wax or sealant.

Do Fender Flares Prevent Rust?

Although they are not impermeable, fender flares help keep pebbles and other debris out of your wheel well. Installing fender flares over rust does not help. However, flares are merely secured by a piece of the gasket on top and a few fasteners on the bottom. Thus, they create very little space between the flare and the body panel of your truck after they are mounted.

fender rust

So, there is a chance the gap will harbour water. The surface of the car body panel retains it because it is difficult to dissipate. Due to the mixture of salt, sand, and water in the residue, which will eventually become lodged behind the flare and the pickup’s body, the metal will inevitably corrode. Therefore, if you don’t pay attention, your car’s fender will be damaged along with other auto body parts.

If the damage is beyond repair, choosing used car fenders is the most practical option.

Ways to Prevent Rust on Fenders

In the following blog, we have understood that a fender does not prevent rust and how to fix fender rust. But there are also ways to prevent the spreading of rust on fenders.

  • Remove Dust Using a Lift

Raise your car’s wheels completely off the ground with a lift or jack stand to maximise impact. It enables you to reach more dirt and debris past the wheel wells. You can use a pressure washer or a higher-powered hose to clean off the dust.

  • Universal Cleaner

You can also use an all-purpose cleanser or a chemical. It must have the capability to dissolve insects, tree sap, and tough buildups. Spray the area around the wheel wells and adjacent areas, thoroughly cleaning it.

  • Undercarriage Spray

Beyond removing dirt and debris, the objective is to fortify the region against further harm.

Just rinse the remaining debris away, allow the area to dry, and then apply the solution. By doing so, it will put up a wall against debris, dampness, and dust.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put fender flares over rust?

Yes, you can use the fender flares to cover the rust. However, it will improve the appearance of the vehicle but not stop the rust from spreading.

How much does it cost to repair fender rust?

Fender damage due to rust depends on the extent of corrosion. The cost to repair fender rust varies from $300 to $1300.

Why does fender flares necessary?

Fender flares make your truck look more sleek and aggressive and protect your car during off-road driving. Also, it covers up any damage near the fender.

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