What to Do If Brake Light Doesn’t Work When Headlights are on?

brake lights don't work

It is one of the most common problems while driving, and neglecting this can be a dangerous choice. There are many reasons which are responsible for brake bulb light faults. Stoplight malfunctioning can result in misjudgement for the vehicles behind you, especially in dark conditions.

Drivers need to take into account the various reasons which are valid reasons for brake lights don’t come on. Error in brake lights is hard to detect on your own and is mostly informed by the following vehicles.

Therefore, it is better to ensure the proper function of the backlight before the drive. This article will provide a detailed guide to the reasons why the brake lights don’t work.

Car Brake Lights Don’t Work? Here’s Why?

There are 5 major reasons that are commonly responsible for non-functioning brake lights when headlights are on. Check out these major reasons to find a valid solution for the improper functioning of stoplights.

Blown Out Backlight Bulb

The majority of the time there are no serious issues with the vehicle, but the tail light bulb has overdone its lifetime. There is a possibility that these bulbs still emit light but are not bright enough to be obvious. It is better to change such brake light bulbs.

How to Change Backlight Bulb?

  • It is quite easy to change the bulbs of your tail light.
  • Remove the screws from the conglomeration of the backlight.
  • Push the bulb in and rotate it anti-clockwise to remove it.
  • Install a new bulb for the brake light and screw up the conglomeration.

This will surely fix your ‘brake lights don’t work problem.’ However, if the brake lights not working after replacing bulbs, then check the following reasons to fix brake light.

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Faulty Brake Light Switch & Fuse Box

It is important to maintain the fuse box and the light switch to ensure the proper functioning of the stoplight. You can do this by checking the Power Distribution Centre (PDC). The PDC is located under the hood in most vehicles.

faulty brake light
  • You have to make sure that the Stoplight switch is not confusing the fuse box and the light switch.
  • Even if there is a particular problem with the fuse box or the light switch, it will create an impact on the functionality of the brake light.
  • Change the fuse if there are any marks of a blown fuse (look for deposited carbon or a burning smell).
  • Make sure that the new bulbs are of the amperage that is in the correct configuration with the wiring.

Electrical Ground Connection

If the above reasons do not give you the answer for ‘brake lights don’t work,’ then you may need to check the electric ground connection. Many times, the wire is loosely connected. If you have doubts about the connecting wire, check for corrosion or any possible damage.

  • If that’s the case, then connect the light switch with a new ground connection to check.
  • If the light functions properly, then you may need to replace the ground connection with a new one.
  • To check the functionality, make sure you are pressing the brake pedal.


Improper Wiring Configuration

Overall electrical wiring of the car can be a reason for brake lights don’t work in general.

  • Take a look at the complete wiring system and look for any breakage or corrosion in the wiring.
  • Take a good look at the fuse panel and ensure that it is not loosely connected.
  • Also, check the bulb socket and ensure the lights are properly frayed.
  • Change the parts if you see any sign of worn out.

Check ‘Turn Signal Switch’

To activate the light switch, access the turn light switches and locate the brake light’s activation source.

  • Press the brake pedal & check the lights to see if they are turned on.
  • It is possible that the electrical configuration of the car has turned off the Backlight switch.
  • You may need to activate it again by looking at the wiring diagram of the switch and look for the connection between the brake light and turn signal.


Still No Solution?

The wiring connections for the headlights and taillights are separate. It keeps one set of headlights turned on while the other taillights are turned off! Your brake lights are not turned off arbitrarily. You must identify and address the cause.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why aren’t my dash and tail lights working?

You must locate the primary source of control for these lights. The majority of enthusiasts inquire about the headlights, dash, and taillights. The light circuit can cause any of them to fail or stop working properly. You must work on the disabled switches at all times.

Can I drive without brake lights?

Indeed, brake lights are not used for driver safety, but rather to alert passengers or oncoming vehicles to a safe run. Although it is unfair or illegal in some states, you can drive your car without brake lights.

Is there a fuse for the brake lights?

Yes! You’ll understand it quickly. Examine the brake light switch. Is it satisfactory? Because of the brake light fuse, your brake lights don’t work.

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