A Quick Guide on How to Pull a Dent Out of a Metal Fender of Your Vehicle

dent pulling

Tired of dented fenders every now and then? Fender dents are the most common type of impact of a minor accident or a touch. It diminishes the overall look of the vehicle most of the time. Fixing a metal fender can be a time as well as money-consuming task.

There are ways through which you can do it at your own convenience with no huge expenses or time-consuming tasks. In contrast, some bent fenders can only be replaced in the workshop. There are some fender dent removal techniques for minor bents that can be easily fixed.

Thai article will provide easy and quick tips on how to perform dent pulling effectively without many tools and unnecessary expenses.

Using a Suction Cup for Fender Dent Repair

This method is most effective on shallow concave dents on fenders or on the body. It is a very common way to put the fender back in shape. This method works best for old vehicles, which are mainly made of steel rather than carbon fiber and other composites. However, you can try this method for vehicles with composite fibers as well but make sure to keep the suction force moderate.


  • Clean the affected area with a cloth for better grip of the suction cup.
  • You may use a new suction cup or an easy-to-grip suction cup for better results.
  • Make sure to place the suction cup at the center of the affected area for better results in dent pulling.
  • Once you switch on the suction cup, the bent will take its original form.
  • If you observe leftover bents, then use the suction cup with moderate levels to get the original shape back.

Boiling Water for Thermoplastic Fender Fix

If you own a vehicle with a thermoplastic body, then you might use this method to fix the dent out of a fender.

The idea is to apply boiling water in the affected area and then fix the dent manually as the water softens the material. This method is effective for shallow as well as deep fender bents.

fix fender dent

However, it should be kept in mind that you can only apply boiling water a few times. The repetitive application of boiling water will degrade the material completely, and then you have to replace it. So be precise with the application of boiling water and fix the dent in minimal bents. The following technique should not be used for metal fenders. It is because the water can cause rusting of fender flares.

Hot & Compressed Air Technique for Dent Pulling

You may use a heat gun or an air dryer to fix the affected area. This is a better idea than using the boiling water technique, as you may not have to touch the affected area.


  • Place the heat gun or the hair dryer on the affected area.
  • As the material heats up, it will gradually expand and take its original shape back.
  • Do not overheat the affected area, as this will degrade the material of the affected area.
  • This method is will do well to fix shallow dents on thermoplastic or metal bodies. However, you may have to apply the hair dryer for a bit more time on a metal body as it takes more time to heat up.

To Sum Up

There are ample ways of dent pulling; you just have to understand the type of material of your vehicle’s body and utilize a particular way that enhances the softness of that material for a temporary time so that you can fix the dent. However, make sure not to use any tool or method that can leave a permanent mark on the body. If you are still unsure about what exactly to do, you may check the official website for solutions and reliable used fenders for sale.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest way to pop a fender back?

The easiest way of dent pulling is the application of heat on the affected area. The majority of the vehicles are made with material that can be treated with heat in different ways to reshape a dent in its original form.

What is the Glue and Wood Method of car ding pull?

It is a prominent professional method of dent pulling. This method requires practice, as a rookie might damage the affected area completely.
Apply the hot glue to the affected area.
Firmly press the wooden dowels on the dents and wait for the glue to cool down.
Pull the wooden dowels one by one to reshape the dent in its original form.
However, this process is not as easy as it sounds. It requires a good knowledge of particular techniques and the way to locate the wood dowels effectively.

What is the average cost of dent repair?

Fender dent puller jobs are quite expensive in the USA. A dent pulling might cost you anything between $50-$200. Also, the rate varies for different states and the type of workshop you choose.

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