One day you are enjoying your drive on the highway at a reasonable speed, and suddenly the car stammer and then stops. The first question that will arise is why the car is dying while driving or how it happened! Hence, for references, there can be many reasons.

  • A Malfunctional Battery

A bad battery is the most common issue of a car having problems. It usually occurs if a car is not getting started. But what if at the beginning everything was fine, and in the middle of the road battery is having issues. This is when the battery tricks you, and the alternator works even more challenging to keep the vehicle working. While working double alternator causes more stress on the engine and next step you understand, the car says boom! One must keep an eye on their car battery’s life. It typically works well for 2-3 years, and then you should replace it for better performance of your car.

  • A faulty Alternator

An alternator is a tool that helps the car battery to get charged and also provides additional electric power for the car’s electrical system. There is a lot of confusion that the problem is solved if the battery is replaced. Hence, a new battery will be dead quickly when an accurate charge is not provided. The alternator and battery are both equally important to keep the car running. The alternator gives you a red signal when something is wrong. You have to stop immediately and call a professional.

  • Sensor Problems

At present, advanced technology cars have a lot of sensors for everything. If one sensor fails and is dead, the car engine might die along with it. However, there are many sensors which cannot shut the car completely. Although sensors like MAF, and coolant temperature sensors, the oxygen sensor can clutter the air-fuel mixture to the extent that the engine would die.

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