How Do I Reset Blend Door Actuator?

reset blend door actuator

In a car, luxury gets preferred just beside the safety. Everyone wants comfortable rides with a comfortable temperature while investing a big amount in a car.  Air conditioning system plays a very big part in the passengers’ comfort. As we all know that the air conditioning system locates on the front dashboard. But for the rear passenger’s comfort, air conditioning filters get a place on the blend doors. So that the passengers can take advantage of the cooling system. The Blend door actuator is a major part of the car’s air-conditioning system, which helps in combining hot and cold air to get the appropriate temperature. But in case you face an issue with your actuator, and you need to reset blend door actuator, how would you do that?

In this blog, we will discuss the possible scenarios for changing and the process of changing.

A Step By Step Guide to Reset Blend Door Actuator

Guide to Reset Blend Door Actuator

The blend door actuator can be defective, and you might need to it. However, in some modern car models, the blend door actuators can be reset electronically with some diagnostic tools. But if you want to reset it manually, then it is better for you to have a proper step-by-step guide. So that you don’t miss out on any small steps. Any users can follow the following steps to reset blend door actuator.

Process of Resetting

  • First, you need to locate your actuator. It completely depends on the vehicle type. A modern-day vehicle can have one or two blend doors. For reference, you can check out the owner’s manual. But mostly, it is located near the rear stereo setup or at the center of the dashboard.
  • You might need to remove a few bolts to take out the console. You also might need to disconnect the negative battery cable from the terminal just for safety issues.
  • In the next step, you need to take the actuator out of the shaft. Ensure that the shaft and the actuator move freely. If it is not, then you might need to lubricate it even more.
  • Now you need to generate some heat in the car. For that, you will need to start the car. Make sure that you have good ventilation and engaged parking brakes while doing this.
  • Start your air conditioning system. And shift the knob from hot to cold.
  • Rotate your actuator in both directions. Try with hot air and cold air to make sure in which direction you are getting cold air.
  • Turn the door shaft in that direction where the heat is touching its peak. Make sure to maximize the heat on the Climate control unit.
  • Reinstall the actuator and use it in different temperatures to make sure that it is properly working or not. If it is not, then you can follow the same process once again.

this way, you can reset your door actuator. but if your door shaft is creating such an issue that can not be repaired, in that cases, you might consider to do a door lock actuator replacement.

Reasons to Reset a Blend Door Actuator

In the following scenarios, you might need to reset an actuator.

  • A door actuator is made of easily breakable components. So, if your actuator is broken, then you need to install a new actuator. After installing it, a user needs to reset and reconfigure it for proper results.
  • For any reason, if the system module fuse gets disconnected, the module may need to be recalibrated. If you want the best result from the actuator, then you should follow the proper procedure.
  • Your blend door actuator is not switching to heat.
  • Inconsistent airflow is one of the foremost reasons behind resetting it. A good consistent airflow inside of the cabin is highly demanded. So, in that case, a user may need to reset it.
  • A clicking sound from the dashboard is another indicator of actuator problem. 

as a note, your car doors contain many other components besides the actuator. if you are facing any other issue with your car doors, then you should consider going to a mechanic.

Cost of Resetting a Blend Door Actuator

If you are facing any issues with your actuator, then you probably need to reset it. For this task, you have two options. The first one is you can do it on your own, or you can just go to a professional mechanic. Well, the cost completely depends on the vehicle brand or the year. But on average, the reset cost is between $100-$150.

But, if it is not working, then you might need to replace the blend door actuator. In such cases, a user may need to spend $300-$400. Additional labor charges may add to the total amount.

Reset Blend Door ActuatorFrequently Asked Questions

How can I recognize that my blend door is stuck?

The easiest way is to remove the shaft and turn the actuator. If it turns, then it is good to go, but if you cannot move it, then you may need a diagnosis.

Is there any need to calibrate the blend door actuator?

If you have removed the old one and reinstalled a new one, then you might do a calibration. If you have not reset it after installing it, then you should calibrate it. In some cars, a user can do this electronically. But in maximum models, you have to do it manually.

What are the reasons behind a failing blend door actuator?

The most common and easy-to-understand reason is aging or a lot of use. However, if the blend door stuck or turns slowly, then it will put more stress on the actuator. This may cause a broken actuator.

Does the blend door remain opened or closed for heat?

Whether the Blend door remains opened or closed, it completely varies from vehicle to vehicle. Just to unlock facts about your car, all you need to do is to rotate the shaft in both directions. By this process, you can find out the right direction of hot air and cold air both.

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