Front and Rear Wheel Bearing Replacement Cost

wheel bearing replacement cost

Wheel bearing play a tough role. Most vehicles ride on wheel bearings at all four corners of the vehicle. If these bearings begin to deteriorate, the noise becomes detectable. When you turn the wheel slightly side by side, it’s easy to hear the humming sound. When the rear wheel bearing goes out of good condition, a humming or grinding noise usually continues. In the old days, wheel bearings consist of 2 cone bearings, each on the front side. The old-fashioned bearings are packed with grease for servicing when the brake rotors or drums are removed. Nowadays, rare vehicles retain the same pattern. However, Wheel Bearing replacement cost varies for different factors.

Let’s have a look at how the cost varies and when you should replace it.

Estimated Wheel Bearing Replacement Cost

Estimated Wheel Bearing Replacement Cost

There are some examples of the average wheel bearing replacement cost for some famous models. The cost can differ based on your year, model, and engine type.

Front CostRear CostCar Model
$350$250Toyota Camry
$400$300Toyota RAV4
$450$350Ram 1500/2500/3500
$500$300Chevrolet Silverado
$400$250Honda CR-V
$350$250Ford F-150

Front Wheel Bearing Replacement Cost

There are two units that come under the front wheel.

  • Complete Unit
  • Pressed-on Unit

For the replacement of front wheel bearings, this service is costly actually. The average labor costs are approximately round up to $350 and $450. The parts cost around $150 and $300.

Rear Wheel Bearing Replacement Cost

There are two units that come under the rear wheel.

  • Typical Units
  • Solid Rear Drive Axle.

On average, the estimate pay is between $190 and $310, including the parts and replacement of your rear wheel bearings. Although, the labor cost will be approximately $225 and $350.

Factors Affecting Replacement Cost

There are several factors that can affect the wheel bearing replacement cost. The most common factors affecting the variation of cost are as follows.

Vehicle Model- The cost of parts or replacement differs according to what type of vehicle you are driving, what the model is, what the year is, and more. There are no fixed-cost prices. Some vehicles need wheel bearings of low cost, whereas others can be much more expensive. In some vehicles, the wheel hub is attached to the wheel bearing, which increases the replacement cost of the wheel bearing itself. The cost also depends on the number of faulty wheel bearings. There is no need to replace the wheel bearing if it is in good condition.

Aftermarket vs. OEM- If you want to use original equipment like factory repair, you can choose OEM wheel bearings. In OEM, parts are constructed by the auto manufacturer to reproduce the same performance of the vehicle as it had when it came out of the factory. Moreover, OEM costs more, and you have to visit the dealers to get that.

Whereas there are lots of aftermarket companies that produce low-cost wheel bearings. Before choosing any aftermarket company, make sure about the customer review and warranty length for any part.

Bearing Type-The wheel bearing replacement cost depends a lot on what type of vehicle you are using. Sometimes you need wheel bearing also known as ball bearings made of steel which reduces friction. Generally, ball bearings are used in modern vehicle models. However, if you have an old car model, it is possible to get the bearings at low costs.

Unserviceable vs. Serviceable- You can work simply on the serviceable hub assembly. However, keep in mind when the wheel bearing is separated from the wheel hub, there is no need to dismantle the suspension. Moreover, non-serviceable hub assembly can replace only the bearing. This is considered the most labor-intensive type to fix so you can make a higher budget for the replacement.

What Actually a Wheel Bearing Is?

Wheel Bearing actually works as a helper for the wheels to spin and also helps to create less friction. There are small steel balls, or sometimes longer rollers, in each of the wheel bearing inside the metal rings. The inside of the ring is contoured around the axle, and the wheel hub is mounted on the outside. Making wheel bearings is tough because they carry the entire vehicle’s weight. your front and back wheels stops when your press your brakes. your brake master cylinder gets all the power that you press on the pedal and then it divides all the power into the brake lines. that is how the wheels stop.

There are different types of wheel bearings depending on which type of vehicle you are using. Generally, wheel bearings are common in style. Some vehicles have precision bearings and tapped roller bearings or roller bearings.

your front wheels and back wheels are directly related to your Brakes. but if your Brakes are making grinding noises, or if your car is shaking while braking, then you should consider going to a professional mechanic. A user should admit this severe issue as soon as possible.

When Should You Replace a Faulty Wheel Bearing?

If you are driving with a faulty wheel bearing, you are increasing the risk of yourself and your vehicle’s life.

Humming Noise

The easiest and most common way to identify the symptom is the humming sound because it is clearly audible. Sometimes, it can be confusing because the sources are different, like it can be linked with the CV joint, CV axle assembly or the tires.

Growling, Squealing

The distinctive sounds of faulty wheel bearings are squealing or growling. The sound escalates when the vehicle speeds up. Try to identify the pinpoint from where the sounds are coming, which makes it easy to identify the worn-out wheel bearings.

Clicking Sound

If you get to hear a clicking sound coming from your vehicle at a higher frequency when the vehicle accelerates, there is a problem with your vehicle’s wheel hub assembly.

Wheel Wobble

The technicians check the wheel wobble by putting the vehicle on the lift for wheel movement. It is just next to impossible for anyone to shake the tire and the wheel. However, if the wheel wobble moves, the hub assembly needs immediate replacement. If you don’t get your vehicle repaired, the tire or the wheel can come out at any time, and this increases the risk your vehicle.

ABS Failure

If the ring, wheel wobble, and tire are not responding properly, the anti-lock warning may illuminate. You must see a professional as soon as possible.

Uneven Tire Wire

If one of your vehicle’s tires is wearing out faster than the others, it is a sign that the wheel bearings are damaged. However, it is also possible that the tire has too much air pressure or not enough, which means the tire is improperly inflated.

Vehicle Pulls to One Side

Damaged bearings can cause a vehicle to pull to one side (left or right) when applying brakes. The worn direction is verified by the direction in the vehicle pulls. This could be a signal of brake rotor or brake caliper problems.

Steering Wheel Vibration

Due to damaged wheel bearings, the steering wheel also starts vibrating. The intensity of vibration increases as the vehicle speed increases, or it turns right or left.

Loose Steering

If the steering seems less responsive or loose, this problem could be caused by the worn wheel bearings. Also, maybe these are the signs when you need a wheel alignment replacement.

Front and Rear Wheel Bearing- FAQs

How much does it cost to replace the wheel bearing?

The average wheel bearing replacement cost is around $300 and $400. However, the cost of replacement varies according to the requirement and model of the car.

Is it safe to drive with a faulty wheel Bearing?

No, it is absolutely not safe to drive with a faulty wheel bearing because anytime the wheels can come out of the vehicle and can put you and your vehicle at risk.

Can you replace just one wheel Bearing?

Yes, if your vehicle’s tire is wearing out, you can replace only the required one by consulting a professional technician.

What happens if you ignore fixing a damaged wheel bearing?

If you are getting symptoms of a faulty wheel bearing, fix it as soon as possible. Because the full weight of the vehicle is dependent on the wheels. And if the wheels won’t work properly, you and your vehicle’s life are at risk.

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