What is Service Engine soon light and what to do when it’s on

Service Engine soon light

Dials, gauges, and warning lights abound in today’s automobiles, all designed to inform drivers when something isn’t working properly. The service engine soon light is one of the most critical warning lights in any automobile, but many drivers have no idea what it means or what they should do if it comes on.

The service engine soon light serves as a warning to drivers when the car’s sensors have discovered a problem. These sensors are frequently activated by problems with the vehicle’s pollution control system, although they can be triggered for a variety of reasons.

What does service engine light mean?

The service engine soon light indicates that you should have your engine serviced as soon as possible. It does not imply that the engine has failed or that it is on the verge of collapsing. What this means is that you should schedule an appointment with your mechanic as soon as possible to determine the source of the problem and, if required, get the car repaired.

If your service engine soon light comes on while you’re driving, pull over as quickly as possible to assess the condition and do a few quick tests. The problem could be as simple as a missing or ill-fitting gas cap, because the sensors that turn on the service engine soon light are frequently triggered by a malfunction in the emission control system.

What to do when it is on?

Once you’ve safely exited the vehicle, inspect the gas cap to ensure its tight and fully seated. The emission sensors may be triggered and the service engine soon light activated if the gas cap is not properly sealed.

Problems with your most recent gasoline fill-up can potentially set off the service engine soon indicator. If you’ve recently purchased gas and the service engine soon light has suddenly illuminated, here is a smart spot to begin your research.

You might start by inquiring with the service station staff if there have been any other complaints. If the gas contained water or other contaminants, your vehicle is unlikely to be the only one affected.

If the car appears to be in good working order, you can try driving until you run out of gas and then filling up the tank with new gas from another service station. If the car’s performance has been impaired, you should schedule an appointment with your technician right away to have the vehicle inspected. Also, diagnose your car engine to confirm the problem is not serious.

It could lit up due to fault in oxygen sensor

The oxygen sensor, a mechanism that monitors how unburned oxygen is leaked into the atmosphere, is another issue that could cause the service engine soon light to illuminate. A defective oxygen sensor can cause serious damage to your catalytic converter, costing thousands of dollars. Another reason to get the service engine soon light looked out by a trained mechanic as soon as possible.


That said, as long as the service engine soon light is solid and not flashing, you may probably drive safely with it on. If the service engine light is blinking, pull over immediately and contact roadside assistance to have your car taken to a repair.


Do I have to worry about Service Engine Soon Light?

No, the service engine soon light is nothing to be concerned about. Your car’s warning light is only a reminder that it requires maintenance; it does not indicate that anything is wrong with it. You can keep using your vehicle as usual. When the light comes on, take it in for service to have it looked at.

How soon will the service engine soon light turn Off?

After the problem has been resolved, the light will typically go off within a few minutes or hours. The light, though, would occasionally remain on for a day or two. You ought to take the vehicle to a mechanic to have it looked at if the issue has not been fixed after a few days.

Is the service engine soon light triggered by low oil?

Yes, on many different car models, a low oil level will result in the service engine soon light appearing on your dashboard. It can also indicate that there are other low fluid levels or other issues with the car.

What distinguishes a check engine light from a service engine soon light?

The distinction between a check engine light and a service light can be explained simply by noting that the former denotes a serious issue and the latter, the need for maintenance or routine servicing.

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