Why Your Car is Vibrating While Driving ?

Vibrating While Driving

One of the common problems people face while driving cars is that their car is shaking while driving. This problem is so common that most mechanics have to deal with it often. But what is the reason for the car vibrating?

Here we have listed a few reasons why your car must be shaking while you are driving.


The primary or most basic problems noticed are with the car’s alignment. The shaking might be because the car’s balance is disturbed, which can be because of a bend driveline U-joint, a faulty tire or a bent rim.

Wheel and Tire

First, off you should check if the vibrations are because of your tires or the wheels. The primary problems with the tires include uneven tire wear, disturbed tire balance, loose nuts, damaged rims, and out-of-round tires.

Once identified, all of these problems can be solved easily by your mechanic through various inspections like air pressure checks, visual checks, and tire pressure checks, among other tests.

Suspension Parts and Joints

The problem can also be the cause of loose joints, problematic suspension or faulty steering components. The problem with any of these components can cause your car to shake when driving. However, the problems can be identified and solved by your mechanic.

Car vibrating
Car vibrating

Engine and Transmission

If the source of the problem is the engine and transmission, then it might create quite a hole in your pocket. The problem can be identified easily if it is still shaky after you have stopped your car, but the engine is still running.

This problem can occur because of several reasons like a loose engine, broken radiator, transmission surmounts, among other things. All of these are easily noticeable because of the tremors running through your car.

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Damaged or worn brake rotors

Worn-out brake rotors can be a reason for the vibrations in yours. This problem can easily be identified. To identify this problem, you need your steering wheel and brake pedals. If you can feel the tremors in those parts, then probably your brake rotor is at fault.

This happens when your rotors are not evenly thick or are worn down, because of which the brake calipers start vibrating. To solve this problem, you need to consult a mechanic.

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