A Quick Guide on How to Reset Engine Control Module?

Reset Engine Control Module

One of the most important parts of present cars is the Engine Control Module (ECM). So let’s start how to reset engine control module It is often referred to as the Powertrain Control Module or the Engine Control Unit (ECU). For many of the engine performance and driving-ability systems in the car, this piece of technology essentially serves as the main computer system.

The ECM receives data from the many sensors in the engine, and that data is then utilized to calculate and fine-tune the engine’s spark and fuel for optimal effectiveness and power.

Since the ECM is such a crucial component of the vehicle, it may become completely undrivable if it starts to malfunction. Follow the instructions below to learn how to reset the faulty engine control module when issues with it emerge.

Why is Engine Control Module Essential?

While you are driving the car, the ECU “learns” about your engine. The ECU uses the so-called “learning” process to keep track of changes in the tolerance of the actuators and sensors on the engine. The idle-air bypass valve’s (automatic choke) setting at idle with the air conditioning on and the injectors’ trim gain are two examples of these settings. The ECU saves these “acquired” data in RAM that are powered by a battery so it won’t have to start over the next time you start your car.

What happens on Resetting the ECU?

The procedure of “resetting the ECU” involves erasing all of the long-term memories from the device’s memory. These controls alter the fuel, spark, idle speed, and other factors. Additionally, the ECU will keep error codes for diagnostic purposes. The trim values will be reset to a neutral default value, and all error codes will be erased by performing an ECU reset.

There are two ways to reset the computer in your car. The first alternative is to disconnect the battery of the car in order to disrupt the circuit and wipe out all memories. However, you can carry out the computer reset process while the car’s battery is still active and connected.

How to Reset Engine Control Module

Tools Required

You can reset ECM with the use of these tools quickly.

  • Adjustable Wrench
  • Pliers
  • Insulating Tape
  • Cardboard
  • Jumper Cable
  • Code Reader

Resetting the Engine Control Module While the Battery is Disconnected

Remove the battery terminals with the battery wrench. The battery should then be taken out of its compartment. It will simply break the circuit. Consequently, the engine won’t receive any power. Next, connect the engine’s positive and negative wires using some insulating tape.

Leave the wires disconnected for roughly 45 minutes to perform the gentle reset. It should shut off the power to the car computer and drain any remaining current from the circuit. Clean the battery and its terminals, making sure to get rid of any rust. Recharge the battery and re-connect all the terminals after the 45-minute wait.

Restart the vehicle after everything is prepared, restart the car, and look at the check engine light. The problem is fixed if the error codes don’t show up anymore. Your check engine light or service engine soon light will be operating correctly.

Resetting the Engine Control Module While the Battery is Connected

Without removing the battery, you can also reset your car’s computer. You will need a code reader and a set of pliers to get started.

You must find the vehicle’s fuse box to proceed with this step. Look for a cover that lists all of the fuses in the automobile.

Fuse pullers should be used to remove the cover and the “Backup” fuses with 7.5A ratings. Find another “ECU”-labeled fuse and remove it with 15A. Keep in mind that you won’t need to detach the negative battery terminals for this method.

After around 10 minutes, leave the fuses off and correctly reinstall them along with the ECU. Test your car after restoring the fuse box cover. Drive for a short while to see if the check engine light problem has been resolved. If the light stops shining, then it is fixed.

The drawback of using the previous procedure and disconnecting the battery terminals is that you completely wipe out your car’s memory. By doing this, you not only fix the check engine light problem but also reset all the other vital data on your car.


When should I reset my ECU?

There are just two situations in which you could want to reset your ECU. One is to reset a CHECK ENGINE, and the other is resetting the spark advance trim value.

What are the ECM failure symptoms?

One of the primary causes of ECM failure is corrosion or damage brought on by moisture. Corrosion and moisture can infiltrate the ECM via the wiring harness replacement and an ECM seal failure. Due to the ECMs’ exposure to the elements, it occurs gradually over time.

How should I operate the car after ECU reset?

It’s crucial to give the car a good 60 minutes of driving after you’ve reset the ECU system to acclimate it to your driving habits. Driving your car will make ECU more adaptable and economical.

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