Five Signs of Emissions System Problem

Five signs of emission system problem

Whether you like it or not, your car’s internal combustion engine emits a lot of hazardous chemicals. Modern vehicles are typically recognized to have highly developed emissions control systems that are intended to burn off harmful exhaust gases and regulate emissions. The automobile runs more smoothly and efficiently thanks to technological advancements to tackle emissions system problems. Most contemporary automobiles come with cutting-edge pollution management technology. It utilizes a variety of oxygen sensors, computer controls, and exhaust system technology to alert drivers to potential internal problems. However, as the car ages, an issue with the emissions system problem may arise.

Since this technology has a tendency to break down, it would be beneficial if you did not rely completely on it. It is advisable to have your car inspected as soon as possible if you suspect that you have an emissions issue. The top four indications of an emissions system problem are mentioned below.

A Loss of Performance

Since numerous emissions systems interact with the engine’s intake system, a malfunction in one of them can have an impact on how well your automobile performs.

Catalytic converters may accumulate dirt and clog with time. Back pressure will accumulate, resulting in slowing the flow of exhaust gases. The engine’s performance will suffer from excessive back pressure.

The secondary air injection system tracks the number of hydrocarbon gases leaving the engine. The Engine Control Unit (ECU) may act improperly and negatively impact performance if it receives the incorrect reading.

Smell of Exhaust Gas

Smell of Exhaust Gas, emissions system problem

No matter what, you shouldn’t ignore the scent of gasoline or exhaust emissions when you’re driving.

A leak in the exhaust system is typically the cause of an exhaust smell. It commonly occurs when one of the pipes sustains damage from road debris. Another scenario is when an exhaust pipe component suffers from excessive corrosion, creating a breach that permits exhaust gases to leak out.

If you detect the smell of gasoline while driving, your EVAP system is malfunctioning. Fuel vapors are escaping from the system rather than recirculating, resulting in the car’s gas odor.

Low Fuel Efficiency

If you have an emissions system problem, your engine may run less efficiently and consume more gasoline.

Your exhaust system and emissions control system can significantly impact your fuel efficiency. It usually happens when the EVAP system isn’t working properly, and gasoline vapors escape rather than circulate. You can observe a considerable decrease in fuel efficiency if there is an exhaust leak or an emissions issue with parts like the muffler, fuel tank, catalytic converter, carburetor, or exhaust manifolds.

Check Engine Light

The check engine light is activated by your vehicle’s computer when there is a problem with the emissions because the ECS does not have its own dashboard warning light. Some cars will feature specific warning lights to let you know if there is an emissions problem or a faulty oxygen sensor. The check engine light may occasionally come on by accident due to an electrical error.

So it is worth bringing your vehicle in for a diagnostic check.

Fail Emission Test

Fail Emission Test because of of emissions system problem

Every car is built to adhere to emission requirements. Otherwise, automakers would not be able to market their products. Therefore, if your car is in excellent condition, it should easily pass the test.

If the test fails, one or more of the emissions systems malfunction. Blocking a catalytic converter and not filtering out dangerous gases effectively enough could result in an emission system problem. If your EGR valve is broken and not opening, your engine may be producing more NOx gases as a result. It could be challenging to identify the cause. The good news is that an emissions system issue will frequently activate a check engine light. As a result, you can check the On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) system of your car to identify the problem.

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